I was watching the Republican Presidential Debate last night and very much enjoyed this simple question:

“Without caveats or explanation, please define yourself using one word, and one word only.”

I thought each of the candidates did a very nice job with the question – picking a word that would address what they wanted the voters to remember about them. The best answer, however, went to Newt Gingrich for his answer “cheerful” which was delivered masterfully and got a big laugh from the crowd as it went counter to the current meme about Newt that he is too angry to be elected.

So what’s my answer?


But I’m open to suggestions in the comments below…

No Smokescreens From Ned

From a recent article in the USA Today talking about the politics of climate change:

“The science doesn’t matter because the science isn’t the real issue,” Brulle adds. “It’s about politics and money.” All we have with climate change, he suggests, is politicians taking sides in an economic debate over whether we should spend money to address climate change, or not (with one side very strongly opposed), and hiding behind a smokescreen of debate about settled science to avoid making those issues clear.

Exactly! Which is why I’ve clearly laid out my position on the environment. The science part of the debate should be reserved for very few people who actually understand the climate research – it’s the public policy that matters. I will spend my time talking about the policy.

Halfway to Nirvana

Check out the chart in the link below showing almost half of Americans not paying taxes now:

Politicians of all persuasions must be celebrating – whether you’re President Obama, calling to tax the top 1%, or Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman who call for a zero percent tax rate, we’re halfway to that political nirvana where everything is free and everyone is happy.