Taking Credit

Aside from the quality escape that the legend on the bottom of the video is mismatched from the labels on the Y-axis, this video is a little surprising to me:

President Obama appears to be taking credit for the increase in oil production over the last three years. Yet here is candidate Obama in 2008 explaining that it takes 10 years for oil drilling efforts to take effect (actually probably closer to 5):

It is misleading to point out that domestic oil production is up under the Obama administration, as the groundwork for the increase was clearly laid many years ago. I’m not aware of any specific actions the administration has taken in the last three years that would lead to increased production.

2 thoughts on “Taking Credit

  1. Very kind of Obama to point out that “1) It’s totally pointless to undertake a project that only helps future Americans, but 2) (hat tip to William Jefferson Clinton) Fortunately someone ten years ago actually did care about future Americans like myself, and gave me something I could take credit for.”

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