6 thoughts on “Official Board Game of the Occupy Movement

  1. Excellent! As a Pee Wee soccer coach I’ll have to admit that I love having players on my team that bring this “cooperative” and “anti-competitive” attitude to bear. While the opposing players are mopping up with us and our few competitors are playing their hearts out…these non-comps are smiling and waving at their parents, picking flowers, and generally getting along very well.

  2. Really? I can only speak for myself, but we’re not “anti-competitive”. You’ve got a whole generation spoon fed a single goal of going to college, and the best advice of our elders is to load up on debt because “it will be worth it!” and now we can’t get the good jobs our parents had and fat cat bankers are doing the moon-walk to their plush NY executive suites? It’s there some room for saying that at least bankers shouldn’t have been REWARDED for the economy they totally screwed up? In your little soccer game, it’s the bankers that lost, but they didn’t feel like losing so they transferred their losses to us. Isn’t THAT anti-competitive?

    • Hey man corporatism is just as much a market mechanism as principled entrepreneurism. The founding fathers knew this so they tried to make the government small. I’m still waiting for the government structure to arrive that allows for a large government, with a big budget, and no incentives for the capitalists to elect their buddies to give it to them. When you support large government you support all the “goodies for insiders” that comers with it.

      • “Hey man corporatism is just as much a market mechanism as principled entrepreneurism.”

        No, the hell, it isn’t. Entrepreneurship doesn’t steal people’s futures or take people’s money under force of law. And which Founders exactly are you referring to? Last time I checked Washington and Hamilton (and the Federalists in general) fought for a larger, more “energetic” government than the one they suffered under while executing an enfeebled war against the world’s maritime hegemon. That sucked. The arguments of the anti-Federalists were in favor of a weaker and smaller government — which is why they opposed the Constitution. You could call them the anti-Founders. Sometimes government needs to be big, like during WWII, so are you telling me we should just shut up and deal with it as a cost of government?

      • I guess the founding fathers I’m thinking about are the ones that wrote the 10th amendment to the constitution which specifically limited the powers of the federal government to those enumerated in the constitution. I suppose that would preclude investments in solar panel manufacturers and a host of other activities our federal government is working on these days. If our federal government abided by the 10th amendment you can be sure it would be much smaller than it is today.
        So in answer to your final question: yes – that’s what I’m saying. Government will always give handouts to political insiders. The bigger the government, the more the handouts. If people think it is easier to work the government than to create a product people will buy then that’s what they’ll do.

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