The Unemployment Trap

For long-unemployed, hiring bias rears its head:

“There’s much more subliminal discrimination against the unemployed that’s hard to document,” said Lynne Sarikas, director of the MBA Career Center at Northeastern University’s College of Business Administration. “Hiring is an art, not a science. You rely on a gut reaction.”
For example, employers may suspect that an unemployed applicant is seeking an available job for the wrong reasons, she said.
“A manager is going to get the vibe that they’ll take anything to get a job and if something better comes along they’re out the door,” Sarikas said.
Also, some long-term unemployed applicants may come across as too urgent for work, “and desperation doesn’t translate well in an interview,” she said.

How many of the unemployed passed on available jobs early in their unemployment, waiting for a better opportunity, because the continued extension of unemployment benefits from the government made this possible? They would have been better off in any job, rather than become long-term unemployed. The longer they stay unemployed the more their confidence and skills atrophy. Yet another good example of unintended consequences from a well-intentioned government.

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