I support legal immigration for its benefits or our economy, society, and the immigrants themselves. The promise of a right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness should not be peculiar to people living within our borders. It should be a fundamental right for all men. I recognize that not all nations and people agree with that premise, but for those who do, and wish to participate in our Republic as hard-working, innovative, free citizens I hope we can accept as many as can be properly vetted and processed for citizenship.

I do not, however, support illegal immigration. People who violate our immigration laws, and come into our country illegally, should be deported back to their countries of citizenship regardless of how long they’ve been here. It is unfair to the millions patiently waiting to achieve U.S. citizenship to allow cheaters to skip ahead of them in line. I do not believe it is feasible or advisable to try to identify all the people here illegally and proactively deport them. However, if we mandate that employers use e-Verify to verify employees right to work then many of them will self-deport when they cannot legally find work.

I support the increased use of technology by Customs and Border Patrol to secure the border. I support border fencing as practical in urban areas but not for the full border as fences are ineffective in remote areas where they cannot be monitored.

2 thoughts on “Immigration

  1. Mr. Head, I usually agree with your stances on the issues and I agree with paragraphs 1 and 3 of the above. However, the idea of deporting people already here isn’t realistic. Would you round them up? Because I think there are millions of them. Also, we’re talking about innocent children having their families uprooted and sent back to a country they probably left out of desperation in the first place. Rather, what would you think of issuing green cards to people who have been here 5 years or longer, but with the stipulation that they can never become citizens having broken the law to come here? If you use technology and boots on the ground to secure the border, and enforce the law to only hire people here legally, there won’t be incentives for people to come.

    • Thanks, Annette. I have updated my second paragraph to clarify what I meant. I do not believe we should attempt to “round up” everyone here and deport them. I believe if we start enforcing our current employment laws that it will be more difficult to find legal work and many people here illegally will return to their home countries on their own timeline. Additionally anyone caught breaking the law should be deported.

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