Controlled or Uncontrolled Austerity

Here’s news from Romania:

Governments have been collapsing across Europe amid calls by Germany and others for tough austerity to help restore confidence in the euro zone, even as some critics complain that aggressive cuts are undermining economic growth and spurring Europeans to protest. The sovereign debt crisis, accompanied by visceral frustration with the extent of painful spending cuts, has helped unseat leaders in countries including Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The problems in Europe are a looking glass into the future for us here in America. We can either begin reforming our entitlement programs now (in a planned, controlled way that people can adjust their consumption habits to accommodate) or continue “kicking the can down the road” until a sovereign debt crisis forces reform (in an abrupt, unplanned way that will be more difficult to adjust to and will likely be accompanied by rioting and violence). I agree with those who have declared our current policy trajectory “unsustainable”.

1 thought on “Controlled or Uncontrolled Austerity

  1. I love the NY Times. “Austerity.” Ha. Like there’s any other option. They’ve been artificially living above their means and passing the buck to their future selves and offspring. Now that the buck has stopped and the piper needs to get paid…they blame austerity? A better URL would be, “past-selves-being-dickheads-to-current-selves-creating-angst-across-europe.html”

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