On Bain Capital

From an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal re: the ongoing debate about Governor Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital:

If Bain’s standard operating procedure were to hand the next owner of one of its companies a ticking bankruptcy package, how is Bain still finding buyers nearly three decades later? And who would agree to lend money to a company backed by Bain? Wouldn’t word have gotten around by, say, 1987 that Bain’s portfolio companies weren’t creditworthy?
Learning about Bain successes like Staples or Gartner or Steel Dynamics confirms the logical conclusion that Bain had to be creating value along the way—for investors, for lenders, and that means for workers too.

I agree with this analysis. I haven’t heard anyone accuse Bain of unlawfully compelling any of the firms they do business with, or that any of their transactions weren’t at arms length. It is clear from the signifiant success of Bain Capital that they were legitimate, talented business people.

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